Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry is very exciting and important to AFC. Our goal is souls!!!
Therefore, there are several areas within the Ministry for members to be involved. We know if we sow abundantly, the harvest will be abundant.

We have a purpose with goals set annually to evangelize our city.

Each year starts off with the AFC Commitment Service providing members with an opportunity to become involved through:

--Bring a Friend (will bring one visitor within next three months)

--Home Bible Study (will teach one Bible Study within next three

--Constant Contact Consciousness (being constantly conscious of sharing their personal testimony)

--Vineyard Ministry (Saturday Outreach)

--assisting in Children’s Ministry (as teacher or teacher’s assistant)

AFC Member’s Commitment totals are posted on the Spiral Growth Board along with Quarterly Goals for number of Home Bible Studies, Sunday School Average, C.C.C.’s (Constant Contact Consciousness), and First-Time Visitors.

We are thankful for the faithfulness and involvement of AFC members. The unified effort of the Church body has contributed to the congregation doubling in the past two years.

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